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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sydney Moon Movie Gallery


I'm Sydney Moon, Twistys Treat of the Month for May. Anyone who's a loyal Twistys member knows that I've been around the site for a while and have created a large gallery of photos. Being Treat of the Month gives me the opportunity to add to this collection of beautiful images and work with Twistys again!

I love modeling because I'm a free spirit. I couldn't stand a job where I'm stuck in an office all day. I prefer being able to make my own hours, be my own boss and then use my downtime to luxuriate in my surroundings. I'm quite the hedonist! Good food, a massage, and a day taking care of the most important person I know (me!) is my idea of a good time.

As for relationships, I need a guy who shares my naughty sense of humor and can be as outspoken as I am. I'm never afraid to say what's on my mind and I need a man who's not intimidated by that. I love sex, but I need a lot of closeness before being intimate. Being physically close to someone is a huge turn on. I love snuggling, cuddling, and touching and need to feel close to a man before I sleep with him.

Once turned on, however, watch out! I prefer the missionary position, but my biggest fantasy is to be with two men. Having two guys focusing all their attention and sexual energy on me seems like it would be incredibly hot!

In closing, thanks to all my fans. Because of your support, I've been able to continue doing what I love... modeling! I'm so glad people have followed me and my career and I hope my new photos and videos bring a smile to your faces, because you certainly bring a smile to mine.

Love, Sydney xoxoxo


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